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I have been quilting since the spring of 2008. I love novelty fabrics, colorful and unique.

Selvage quilting is addictive! Who knew the "junk" we cut off and threw out would be what I now save! I started a new tradition when I travel--visiting quilt stores! I particularly enjoy going to stores that have been named in the Quilt Sampler Featured Shop Lists-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Playroom...

a.k.a. the room o'selvages!
I have had several requests to
show a picture of my playroom
now that my cornices, quilt and chair are finished.
The chair is really on the other side of the
room, but I had to move it for the photograph.
I love how everything came out,
and this room makes me smile everytime I am in it!
Hmmm. pillows for the couch??
Even I think that would be too much :)


  1. I understand why it makes you smile. It made me smile to see it. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have your room.

  2. I love what you did with selvages. It is a remarkable room. I just started saving selvages. I think I will start small and work up. Great job. Love to read about you.

  3. Wow looks awesome!!!!!

  4. What fun, Jill, I am still collecting. Did I mention on the Blue project I'm working on, I was pointing out to a gal in class that I let a selvage show "on purpose", and she asked, "Why?!?"
    I said, "Because." She didn't get it....
    :-} pokey

  5. oh how about a big bolster pillow across the back of the couch?
    I think you should do pillows but maybe with a splash of color
    room looks amazing, I would smile too
    I just love that chair

  6. Can I come visit? HAPPY PLACE!

  7. That is beautiful. Maybe just some fun pillows to put on it.

  8. Thanks so much for the picture. It looks awesome. Such ideas for my growing stash.

  9. I love this room. What a great way to use the selvages!


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