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Monday, May 17, 2010

I've been thinking...

about turning my living room,
that we NEVER use
into my sewing studio.
I would need to have overhead lighting installed,
but otherwise it would just mean outfitting the space
as I would if I moved my studio to the basement,
which I am also considering but would
rather be on the main floor of the house.

My wish list so far:
  • Design Wall
  • Oversized Ironing Board
  • Counter High Cutting Table
  • Fabric Storage
  • Sewing table with drawers for storage of supplies

I bought Studios magazine for inspiration.
Now, I am turning to my
wonderful readers to ask:
  • what do you love about your sewing space?
  • what would be your must haves?
  • any product recommendations?
  • what you'd do differently if you were designing your sewing space again?
  • Any book recommendations on studio design?
  • anything else you care to share?

I appreciate any coments and suggestions you have!


  1. I vote for the main floor and natural light. I have a 2nd floor studio with south windows, which is so much better than a basement.

  2. Why not use the playroom which already has your selvage touch to it. Is your living room a closed off room or is it open. Can you add doors to it so you can close the door when it is messy(lol)? Your ideas are great, whatever you decide to do.

    I like having my own room for sewing, but I do need better lighting. I will be switching rooms over the summer, so when my room is permanant, I will do better lighting.

    Where did you get that magazine? Looks nice.

  3. I wish I had more natural light in my sewing room (converted 2nd floor "bonus" room with sloping ceiling). We added a Solatube which helps a lot. I would opt for being on the main living area if I could and being able to close the door to the mess is a plus. I wish I had more space and more than one design room has to double as a guest room once or twice a year too. Am thinking about ditching the sofabed for an airbed, that would give me more space. Recommend the book "Design Your Perfect Sewing Space" in addition to Studios.

  4. The things I love about my sewing room are my sewing table, big board ironing board, and Bernina QE 440. If you don't mind "stuff" being out in the living room, I say go for it. You'll need some sort of storage, since I'm guessing there is limited closet space in that room currently.

    I have some shelves that I use for my current projects, books and knick knacks that I love and make the room more personal.

    Good Luck, just make the space yours and you'll be happy!

  5. I love my big picture window which lets in loads of daylight and my daylight tube fluorescent light for when it's dark out. I wish I had more shelves and drawers for storing things. I always have way too much stuff on my tables.

  6. When we built our house I was able to design my sewing room just the way I wanted it; my only regret is that it couldn't be bigger still. I insisted on open shelves for my fabric so I could see it better. I have 2, 4' x 8' pieces of 2" pink foam insulation, covered with Warm and Natural batting for my design walls. These lean against my fabric shelves so my fabric is protected from the light/fading. They are so easy to move back and forth, kind of like a patio door, so I can get at my fabric easily. My work table is a conference table raised by slipping PVC pipe with end caps over the legs of the table. The PVC pipe was cut to a length that was just right for me; this method is more versatile than using bed-risers which are a standard height. I can easily go back to the original height of the table if I need it for another general purpose also. In addition to my sewing machine table, and excellent overhead lighting, these are the most functional elements in my space and make my room a pleasure to be in.


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