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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sewing Machine Extension Table

My husband and kids told me today that
they will be getting me the sewing machine
extension table I have been thinking about getting
 for a few months as a Mother's Day present!

Now to narrow the choices down and decide which one I want.

Choice A:
Sew Steady Custom Made Portable Clear EXTENSION TABLE for Freearm or Flatbed Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting, Serging & Craft Machines by Dream World USA

Choice B:

These are the two I have seen so far.
I have a Kenmore sewing machine; they don't
make an extension table for their machines.

I would love feedback if anyone has one-
brand, model, size, pros and cons, etc.
Also, do you find you use it and that it is helpful??

I welcome any and all comments and advice.


  1. I have had a Sew Steady extension and it was wonderful. The extra space level to your machine bed makes piecing and quilting much easier to handle and more accurate. The legs are adjustable so you don't have any wobble. TIP: If your fabric isn't gliding across the table very well just apply a bit of car wax. Wipe it down well and it will be "glide heaven"! I'm lucky enough to have a great cabinet now, but I highly recommend this extension. Lynne

  2. I also have the Sew Steady for my "baby" Janome--the smaller machine I take to workshops and classes; my other machine is a Bernina set into a table so I've been spoiled by having a large flat sewing area; the Sew Steady extension gives me this feature with my portable machine so I have the same kind of accuracy and ease of use I have with my bigger machine. I love it. I can't imagine using the machine without it and I'm very pleased with the quality of it.

  3. I have a Sew Steady for my travel machine. I like it a lot.

  4. I don't have one of these, but if I needed a new one, I would buy a Sew Ezi:

  5. I got the Sew Steady, which I LOVE, to tide me over till I can get my husband to build me a sewing desk with an airlift in it so my machine sits level with the desktop. Lee Valley sells the airlift. I almost got a Gidget II table but decided the Sew Steady gives me a portable table for workshops...more versatile, and the Gidget did not have enough work space to the left of the needle for me. I already have a good dedicated quilting setup with my other machine, there is a YouTube video (How to Build a Cheap Sewing and Quilting Table #2), which I followed. It works really, really well!


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