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I am a busy wife and the mom of 19 year old twins, a boy and a girl who are Sophomores at Syracuse University.

I have been quilting since the spring of 2008. I love novelty fabrics, colorful and unique.

Selvage quilting is addictive! Who knew the "junk" we cut off and threw out would be what I now save! I started a new tradition when I travel--visiting quilt stores! I particularly enjoy going to stores that have been named in the Quilt Sampler Featured Shop Lists-

Friday, May 21, 2010

My Black and White Selvage Zinger!

Today is the beginning of the
Blogger's Quilt Festival!
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and be prepared to be amazed at the talent!

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My Black and White Selvage Zinger!
with quilt back showing:
The quilt label:
Some close ups:

I love how colorful it is, and can look at it
and find something new to "read" every time!!

A special thanks to Susan Losapio at Mouse Creek Quilts
for her incredible work on the longarm quilting it!

It all started in June 2009,
when I ordered Karen Griska’s book
 “Quilts from the Selvage Edge”
I became so inspired by this “new” way of quilting!
I love the color and variety that is achieved by
“making” your own fabric with selvages.

I set to work, first by cutting the selvages
off my entire stash. Next, I investigated other
ways to obtain selvages. The great women at my LQS,
Mouse Creek Quilts began saving selvages for me.
I bought them from wonderful people on Etsy and Ebay.
But my favorite story is how I got my
proving that it never hurts to ask!!

Fast forward, and I have made a Black and White Selvage Zinger,
I still have one unfinished
a selvage circle that will be a bread cover.

A tremendous side benefit has been having the honor
to be featured on Karen Griska’s Selvage blog many times!
I even discovered a
Along the way, I have met many wonderful women,
now friends, who have sent me amazing selvages!

My playroom/computer room has become my
and it makes me smile every time I enter it!

One of my favorite experiences was bringing the completed
Black and White Zinger to show it to the women at the library.
They took such delight and pride pointing out all “their” selvages!!

I am also so grateful to Amy for the Quilt Festival.
Last fall, I thought, why not start a blog so I
could participate, and I have enjoyed blogging so much!!


  1. That is fabulous. I love the mix of colour and black and qhite prints - what a great idea, it really works well.

  2. Wow these are so fabulous. Great job on utilizing the selvages.

  3. live in a selvedge world !

  4. wow, amazing work. that quilt is a zinger indeed. beautiful work!

  5. I'm in love with salvages. The quilt is great

  6. Of course you smile when you go into your playroom/computer room - who wouldn't?? Your work is great.

    Thank you so much for sharing. Regards, Sue

  7. I'm so glad you included a photo of your Room O' Selvages. It's fantastic! Great post.

  8. This is incredible! Love the chair.

  9. Fabulous quilt! But the covered chair is even more fabulous! WOW!

  10. Selvage Zinger for sure! Wonderful projects and such colorful uses of fabric pieces that end up in my garbage! What clever uses you've put them to. Love them!

  11. You are very clever and your room looks amazing with all those selvages!

  12. You definitely ARE obsessed. Such a nice obsession to have. Like you I have made good friends who have donated to the cause. I feel like a novice compared to you! Thanks for sharing all these awesome pictures!

  13. Oh my goodness! I love it all! I have been saving selvedges but it seems it will be awhile before I have enough!

  14. You are amazing, my friend!

  15. Your creativity is endless. Thanks for sharing such unique creations.

  16. What a cool room. I've been saving up selvages, too, but doubt I have that many! Maybe something smaller, like your wonderful placemats? Pretty cool!

  17. your zinger quilt is just stunning....beautiful work

  18. Just so many wonderful creations! They are all so great.

  19. Jill - Wow - You have made some fantastic things with the selvages. I love your chair - it looks terrific - what a great room in which to make quilts.
    The library story is wonderful- just proves that old adage- it never hurts to ask- you might get what you wish for-
    I really enjoy reading your blog- it is always fun to see what you are creating next.
    Thanks for sharing your string quilt.
    Warmest regards,

  20. You must be the selvage queen. Nice work... all of the items are beautiful!!!

  21. You are an inspiration! I just started collecting selvages - we're helping our earth, too! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing!

  22. All of it is amazing, but that chair is fabulous!

  23. How creative.....I'm going to have to start saving my selvages.

  24. The string quilt is too fun but the chair, the chair is TOO COOL- kudos.
    Come see my antique quilt entries
    (there are a couple of antique spiderwebs strings)

  25. my daughter told me about selvege quilts--i'd never have thought to do this--it's just amazing and i grieve at all of them i've thrown away!! you have made such fun things--the chair is just amazing. thanks so much for sharing


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