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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Selvage work in progress

After Saturday's Strata-gizing class,
I wondered how it would translate to selvages.
I wanted to make a small circle, that I
could use as a challah (bread) cover.

I was somewhat limited because I
wanted to use selvages that were a continuos piece.

I sewed together a strata:

close up:

I cut out the wedges,

and set up a mock up.

The result is much larger than I anticipated,
and not at all right for the use I intended.

So I played a little, overlapping until I
got something more like what I pictured.

now to figure out the angle to trim off one side
of each wedge to make it work!
Any suggestions??


  1. I think if you keep the same angle and just trim an even amount off one side, it will work - at least in my head.

  2. my brain doesn't do quilt angles, sorry. But I am loving this done in selvages - how clever you are!
    happy friday

  3. It seems to me that you should be able to draft the necessary angle by taking 360 (the number of degrees in a circle) and dividing by the number of units you want in the circle, say 20; that would mean each wedge is 18 degrees. Use a protractor to draw the 18 degree wedge template; then add 1/4" to each side for your seam allowances. :) Drafting is one of my favorite parts of quilting!

  4. That's amazing! I love it.
    I don't know how to do it exactly, but I'd say sew first, then cut. If you cut first, there's no going back. Sounds like good advice from Never Bored.
    Very creative!

  5. Never Bored-
    Thank you so much- I wish I could reply directly to you! I think what you are saying will do the trick! The ruler set has 2 9 degree rulers, so I am wondering if I set the two together, the angle might be 18? Hmmmmmmm, I try later today.
    Selvage quilter-
    Thankfully, I have more wedges than I need, so I can play a bit!

  6. You can't just trim one side of the wedge and have it come out right! You are going to have to trim both sides. I suggest you cut a circle out of paper and fold it until you get the size wedge you need, the cut it out, add 1/4" seam allowance and make a template. Mark the wedges you have with the new template, sewing on the marked line before trimming. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...JILL

  7. I don't think placing two 9 degree templates together will work for getting an 18 degree angle, because they probably have the 1/4" seam already added to them on both sides so that means in the middle you are adding an extra 1/2" you don't need.

  8. I tried putting 2 together and it doesn't work- back to the drawing board!


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