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Monday, January 4, 2010

Art on Independence of the Seas!

We cruised the same time last year on
Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.
I was thrilled when we booked again for this
year so that I could see this fabulous work of art again!
It contains spools of thread and measures 11.75' Hx 15.25' W.
It is installed in the aft atrium of
"Independence of the Seas" cruise ship
with wall behind the thread spool
installation painted two shades of blue
alluding to the actual ocean and sky visible
through the windows directly above the installation.

Click on the photos to enlarge!

"After Magritte" by Devorah Sperber utilizes
20,800 spools of thread to make a mosaic
inspired by the Belgian surrelaist Rene Magritte.

When you see it in person, you really can't believe
it is constructed from spools of thread!

If you ever have the opportunity
to cruise on Independence of the Seas,
you will not be disappointed by this
and the many other amazing works of art around the ship.


  1. Thank you for sharing this - I can't believe it is made with spools of thread. I would love to see it in person.

  2. You can see her art at:
    I think her work makes me consider again what we believe art to be and how it is created. Is the choice of materials part of the art?

  3. Hmm, it makes me wonder if the cruise line would like to buy more Art! It's interesting how the spools are not all flat - adds dimension you don't see when looking directly at it. Thanks for sharing this - an interesting piece of Art.

  4. Hopefully they will not have a storm at sea.

  5. I saw Devorah's exhibit when it was at the Brooklyn Museum a few years ago. It really is amazing! I had two teenage sons and my husband with me and even they appreciated it! The boys got down on the floor to look at the spools from below. BTW, I love your black and white zinger. I'm working on a selvage quilt, too. It's loads of fun, isn't it!

  6. Thanks for the great photos and the info on it. I took photos 2 weeks ago, but yours are so much better! :)


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