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I am a busy wife and the mom of 19 year old twins, a boy and a girl who are Sophomores at Syracuse University.

I have been quilting since the spring of 2008. I love novelty fabrics, colorful and unique.

Selvage quilting is addictive! Who knew the "junk" we cut off and threw out would be what I now save! I started a new tradition when I travel--visiting quilt stores! I particularly enjoy going to stores that have been named in the Quilt Sampler Featured Shop Lists-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Featured on the selvage blog today! GIVEAWAY!

Anyone who leaves a comment about my Zinger
over the next few days will
be entered to win one of 3 small package of selvages!
I will randomly pick the winners this Sunday!
Be sure to have contact info (email) available in your profile!

background fabric:


  1. ooo what is that background fabric? I love it!
    the quilt is gorgeous, I had to click over and find out more about it

  2. What a great quilt! Congratulations on your masterpiece! I wonder if I've saved enough selvages for a mini version? Love the background dots too!

  3. Great have always thought of doing something with selvages.
    The quilt is stunning

  4. Hi Jill-
    Great quilt! I love it. I've just started working with selvages and I'm having a great time.
    I'm in NJ too.

  5. What a wonderful quilt! I just love this one. Karen also featured you on her blog. Great finish! By the way, I grew up in NJ and my parents still live there.

  6. What a beautiful quilt!! I am slowly building up selvages and want to make a selvage quilt myself. Yours is indeed a treasure!!

  7. WOW it's terrific. I really have to make one of these ... every time I see one I turn green with envy. Thanks.

  8. Beautiful Zinger quilt! I LOVE the black and white. I am working on a Zinger now, but not with selvages. Just started saving them last summer and don't have enough for a quilt yet! LOL

    I love your background fabric - what is it?

    I have 5 year old boy-girl twins by the way...LOVE IT!


  9. Haven't started on mine yet - love the black and white - very inspiring.

    Question - was it difficult to quilt with the variable thickness (one layer of background vs multiple thickness of selvages)

  10. Don't enter me in the giveaway since I have lots and lots of selvages but I just had to say how much I like your zinger. It is wonderful.

  11. Super job!! They are fun to make aren't they? Gail

  12. A few have asked about the background fabric. I have to admit, rather sheepishly, that I got it at walmart around halloween- I walked by it and thought the circles were perfect for a selvage backing, and the fact that it was black and white made me have to have it!

  13. I love your Quilt...just beautiful. I follow the Salvage Blog as well as Creations by Melinda. Melinda has done some real cute things out of salvages. I have just started to collect them and can't wait to do my first project.
    Great Job!!!

  14. Wow that is SO COOL!!!! I have never really cared for selvedge quilts, but I absolutely LOVE yours! Now I might have to make one! Another to add to the Bucket List.....


  15. What a great quilt i was over at selvedge site and had to pop over to get in the give away
    hope all is good and you are toasty warm
    chicago has the snow falling fast and furious..

  16. Looks like fun! I've a little collection going. Yours is inspiring!

  17. Greetings from New Zealand. Love your quilt, and have visited your blog several times too. Great job and well done.

    (I would just love some more selvages)

    Jenny from Upper Hutt, New Zealand

  18. Absolutely awesome quilt!! I just started my selvage spider web quilt, and I could always use more!!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!


  19. Very nice Jill. I also love your dotted background fabric, but I like the combo of black/whites with colours too. I am intrigued by selvage quilting and plan to do some of my own but don't have enough selvages yet.


  20. Hi from Australia. I love this Zinger Quilt pattern and just about to embark on my own quilt. As I love green I am doing a green version. Can't wait to start!
    Cheers Linda :)


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